What is a Doula and is it Worth?

A doula is a birth coach who helps out women before, during and after childbirth, so as to provide them with both emotional and physical support when need be.

A doula salary is the amount of income being earned by the birth coach depending on how much training and experience one has, his/her location and also the number of hours they work. The least income earned by a birth coach can be two hundred and fifty dollars to the highest which ranges from around nine hundred to one thousand dollars for the given period of time they have worked. The birth coach supports the expectant women emotionally, educates them about all the processes of labor and delivery that they should expect with the aim of psyching them up and brushing off their fear; thus, fully preparing them to be fully ready and play a major role in their birth by being more active.

There are two ways doulas charges

Though in some places the doula salary varies by the region and some doulas charge hourly while others prefer to have a flat fee. A flat fee is charged where the length of the birth varies significantly, mostly between twelve to fourteen hours for the new mothers. The flat fee is the most common and recommended way to be used.

The birth coach offers services such as prenatal visits, labor, and delivery, and a post-delivery follow up. Having a birth coach can be quite expensive for some people, but that should not be a pain in the head as there are some insurance companies which will cover part of the cost or even all the cost depending on one’s plan.

 For one to get the insurance cover, they should call their insurance company’s benefits department that deals with issues to do with insurance covers to get all the details they will require.