Want to Become a Pro Wrestler? Here’s what’s in Store for You

You see them throwing each other and cursing their guts out on the ring after which they smile all the way to the bank. Surely, this must be the easiest career on the face of the earth, right?

Wrong. Wrestling is one of the toughest jobs you can ever do. No wonder it is a reserve for the chosen few. The training, making a name for yourself, maintaining a high level of fitness, dealing with wresting agencies—it’s all just cumbersome.

Good news? It is a highly lucrative career. Look at John Cena, for instance. This guy racks in $8.5 million annually by acting stupid on the ring. This is exclusive of his merchandise sales and event appearances which can go as high as $4 million. Obviously, not all wrestlers achieve such high levels of success but still, if you play your cards well, you can blow money like you never did before.

Here is a guide to help you know what’s in the works for you if you want to be a pro wrestler.

  1. Training

Whether you want to join WWE or become a casual wrestler, getting sufficient training is inevitable. Better hope there’s a school near you that does it otherwise you will have no option but to pack up move across states in search for a good one.

While you are at it, remember training is not a cheap affair. You have to pay for tuition, air fare (where applicable), buy supplements that get you in shape and proteins to help you gain weight, purchase the gear (elbow and knee pads, custom tights, and boots) and pay for tanning. On top of all that, you also need to take professional photos that make you look like a star. This, too, doesn’t come cheap.

  1. The Grind

Once the training phase is over (it technically never really does), the next thing is to get into the grind. This is perhaps the hardest stage. Your success will depend on your networking capabilities. Joining a good wrestling talent agency for hiring pro wrestlers for events is your sure bet at penetrating the competitive industry. With an agency, you can attend many shows that will help you network and if possible, get you a match on the card for the purposes of experience. Additionally, you have to keep getting better at your skill. Watch and study other matches on YouTube and other platforms to better understand the sport.

  1. Aim for the stars

“Stone Cold”, Steve Austin did not get rich by doing the norm – going to the gym, eating proteins all day, or brushing up on his “cursin”; he went through the sweat and the blood. You too, have to go the extra mile. Sign up for a training program then work hard until you get scouted and invited for a tryout. Be ready to work for minor leagues before WrestleMania comes knocking at your door. Do your due diligence and be patient; success will soon locate you.

Becoming a pro wrestler is risky and unpredictable. Crowds can hate you and send your emotions flying all over the place; training is anything but easy; getting a good wrestling talent agency for hiring pro wrestlers for events to work with is even harder. Still, there are great rewards to the career. It is fun, thrilling and interesting not to forget the big, fat paycheck that comes with it.