Proper Sauna: The Best Tips

Sauna and sweat can do wonders, and every good residential architecture knows this. The body relaxes, and the immune system is strengthened. The over-motivated sauna visitor sometimes doesn’t know how to behave properly and exaggerates it with sauna sessions and infusions. So that something like this can’t happen to you, we have put together useful tips for you to have a sauna.

Tips for Proper Sauna

  • Lay a large bath towel on the bench.
  • Warm air rises, on the upper benches it is hotter than on the lower one. Sauna beginners should prefer the benches of the lower or middle row.
  • Lie on a sauna towel and relax for at least eight, no more than twelve minutes. Leave the sauna earlier if you are not feeling well. To avoid dizziness, sit upright for the last two minutes.
  • For many sauna enthusiasts, an infusion belongs to the program. After five to ten minutes of pre-sweating, the infusion (six to eight minutes) followed by a two-minute sip.
  • After leaving the sauna for about two minutes, go out into the open air or in front of the open window. Then shower cold (start on your feet) or dive into the plunge pool.
  • A warm foot bath is recommended after cooling down.
  • Lie face down on a lounger and rest for fifteen minutes. After that, you will go through the sauna ritual once or twice.
  • Only after the last sauna session drink calcium and magnesium-rich mineral water or diluted fruit juice – at least one liter.
  • Pathogens and fungal spores multiply rapidly in warm and humid climates and quickly invade soaked skin and toenails. Sauna visitors should not hatch infectious diseases; Disinfectants for external treatment protect the feet.

Gentle Care Protects the Wood

Taking a bath detoxifies the body: With the sweat, he excretes fats, biocides, skin particles, and metabolites. Non-water-soluble parts settle on the wooden surface if you do not cover it with a towel. The pores of the wood settle and reduce the sorption and diffusion capacity of the wood: the sauna climate deteriorates. Only with free pores, the wood remains active in the long-term climatic – even oily infusion additives clog the wood pores. The sauna will stay beautiful for a long time if you treat the cabin gently, ventilate it thoroughly after use and cleaning and check it regularly for damage.