Jio recharge – App or website

A raging debate in the digital industry for some time now is whether it is better and safer to use an App or a website to carry out a recharge or for making online bill payments.  Different experts have differing opinion on this. While some feel that the App is a useless expense for the organisation, others feel that companies need to invest in creating a user-friendly App because Gen X loves Apps.

How are Apps better?

In a day-to-day life, we recharge our mobile connections or DTH services or make payments for utility bills using a mobile App. While many prefer to use Apps of the service provider, many others prefer using third party retailer Apps like Paytm App, MobiKwik App and PhonePe Apps. Carrying out a Jio recharge online through an App more often than not works out to be extremely user-friendly. Why?

  1. Because mobile Apps are good at offering personalized and customized communication to the user based on his location, age, interest, recharge pattern etc. Most mobile Apps when downloaded ask for some information pertaining to the customer so that users can set their preferences and the App can keep generating newer information based on these. Also mobile Apps are made to work smartly and intelligently. They study user engagement and use this content to give recommendations and updates, for example while doing Jio recharge, the App would list down the plans you have been using recently as also offer recommended plans based on your usage and history. Also with the location index on, Apps are powered to offer geography-specific information too.
  2. Apps are made in a way that they can send notifications to their users of a regular basis. App notifications are usually of either the push type or the in-app type. Push notifications are the ones that keep popping up on your handset whether or not you are active on your mobile and the in-app notifications are the ones that are received only when you open a particular App.
  3. Mobile apps are made to utilize features of your mobile handset like the camera, contact list, compass, GPS etc. The primary objective of this aspect of the App is to shorten the time that the customer takes to carry out certain functions from the App. For example, while doing a Jio recharge through an App, you may sign-up for a promotional plan where you would need to fill out your details and upload a photo of yours. The App automatically takes you to your camera to click a picture and upload it instantly.
  4. One of the main advantages of using an App rather than using a website is that some basic functions of the App can be viewed and used in the offline mode – without internet.

These are some of the key reasons why the younger generation today prefers to use the App which offers a much faster and smarter user-experience than the website. As per a recent research, on an average, mobile users spend only 14% of their time on mobile websites vis-a-vis about 86% time on mobile Apps.