E-cigarettes Is a Better Substitute for Smoking or Not?

E-cigarettes are not that similar to the regular cigarette as this runs on battery and don’t need any fire to make it lit up. This is like a device which is operated on battery and works just similar to any regular cigarettes. In this, the user just has to inhale the nicotine vapor released which helps the user to get the same experience as any other regular cigarette.

Facts about E-cigarettes: 

  1. These E-cigarettes are known with a variety of names as e-cigs, e-nicotine system, vape pen, etc.
  2. These specially designed cigarettes are specially launched in the market to cut down people from preferring regular smoking.
  3. This was at first launched in Chinese market around the year 2004 after which the marketing of this spread out which gave this product great popularity. Till the year 2016, the use of e-cigarette club has been raised to over 2 million schools going, students.
  4. Scientific research state that using these vape pens or e-cigs can be very hazardous to health and can cause a negative effect on health.
  5. E-cigarettes are similar looking to cigarettes, but they don’t burn tobacco in this. They are sold in the market to help reduce smoking but don’t guaranteed or assure you about anything.
  6. Health report discourages the marketing of such product due to an increase of use by youngsters.
  7. The liquids that are used in E-cigarettes are the juice or extract of nicotine which is mixed with other ingredients to create similar feel like of cigarette.
  8. Due to its increasing popularity, many companies have launched a verity of flavors to attract customers and increase their sale as well as satisfy their flavour buds.
  9. The very recent report of FDA doesn’t give any approval to e-cigarettes at all as it has a severe effect on the health of the inhaler as well to the surrounding.